Make your Journey an Adventure

A Community of Travelers

Choice is the one simple platform that connects you with fellow travelers that are nearby.

Choice provides you with useful information and awesome deals that are in your vicinity.

Live interactive map

Choice’s live interactive map allows you to see who and what's around you in relation to your location.

Location based chat

Choice lets you chat with other travelers so that you will always be in the mix.

Location based marketplace feed

Choice’s marketplace gives you real-time location-based access to all the awesome attractions, events, restaurants, museums and shops within your vicinity.

Reasons people use Choice

  • Comradery - meet fellow travelers
  • First-Hand Knowledge - Get reliable first hand information
  • Conversations - Chat and meet with fellow travelers in your area
  • Carpooling - Location based chat - real-time
  • Friendship & Networking - find who and what's around you